How to overcome VPN disconnection problems

How to overcome VPN disconnection problems

The VPN in china is not stable, and you might face multiple disconnections in a short period, other times it might work for days.

There is no clear patter to might what exactly is causing the problem, and no clear pattern to when it could happen.

but let’s first see what are the factors that are causing this issue:

  1. Bad Router.
  2. loss of WiFi signal.
  3. China Firewall Spotted your IP to be using VPN


Now to solve the disconnection problem, chose the easist way for you.

  1. if you think your IP has been temporarily banned by the china firewall, and you were using PPTP, then switch to L2TP or SSTP. check here how to install different VPN Protocols.
  2. If you still facing disconnection, then your WiFi might not be stable. what happens is, WiFi signal could be lost for few seconds, lets say 30 seconds, this will cause the VPN connection to be dropped, because it was unable to talk with the VPN server, this could be happening while you are not noticing anything abnormal. to check your internet quality, you can try installing this software and see on a period of an hour, or when the disconnection happens. if you feel this is the case, then you should use a LAN cable directly to your PC, or jump to step 3.
  3. if nothing worked from the above 2 steps, and you are still facing a frequent disconnections, then your router might be unable to handle VPN traffic. Some routers do not handle GRE protocol traffic as other routers, which makes them stuck and shut the connection. in this case we recommend a good router that can handle such issue.

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