1. Open Control Panel and then view network status and tasks

2. setup a new connection or network

3. Connect to a workplace

4. Create a new Connection

5. use my internet connection (VPN)

6. type in internet address and destination name exactly as provided

7. your new connection will show up, Right click on the connection and chose Properies

8. Under Security Tab, Chose Type of VPN : Secure Socket Tunneling Protocol (SSTP) and click OK

Now, We Need to Install the Certificate

Please Download the Certificate HERE

1. UnZIP the file and copy the contents on your desktop

2. Right Click on the Certificate File and click on Install Certificate

3. You can use current user or Local machine, chose local machine if you want the certificate to be enabled for all users.

4. Chose Place all certificate in the following store and click on Browse

5. Click on Trusted Root Certification Authorities and click OK

6. Click on Finish