The Danger of using LANTERN and Hola networks! be aware!

The Danger of using LANTERN and Hola networks! be aware!

The Danger of using LANTERN and Hola networks! be aware!

Many users enjoy using Open internet by using services like LANTERN or Hola, and others.

These networks were built to give users access to the blocked Internet. They give you access to blocked contents through Network users, making it almost impossible to be detected by the firewall.

But at what cost? here is what is happening underground:


  1. You type at your browser
  2. LANTERN or HOLA encrypt your traffic
  3. your traffic passes through the firewall undetectable
  4. LANTREN or HOLA finds the nearest user to the site you asked for
  5. The traffic reaches the user and it gets DECRYPTED AT HIS PC !
  6. User Request the URL
  7. The URL is sent to the user and the user encrypt the traffic
  8. Site is sent through the firewall to you encrypted
  9. finally you decrypt the traffic and watch the requested site.

What is Wrong?

what is wrong was that all your browsing data is being decrypted by unknown users!

The user can have access to all your passwords you typed, any critical data you input, your credit card information, banking information, in few words, all your data is being monitored by unknown users.

it’s very easy to gain all your personal information include all passwords you type.

That’s how you get hacked!

so be aware, and never use such services for anything critical.


What else!

Since you get help from other users to browse the internet, you also must help others to browse the internet too!!

So when users ask for a website near to you, you should request the website on their behalf and deliver it back to the user.

This first will cause your internet speed to slow down especially if someone is asking for a video stream!

second, the user might be asking for illegal contents, and guess who is delivering it to him? YOU !

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