VPN connection Keeps Disconnecting

VPN connection Keeps Disconnecting

VPN connection Keeps Disconnecting is very disturbing… but don’t worry, there is a solution.

First, Why the VPN Connection in china keeps disconnecting?

In Late 2014, China has implemented a Firewall Technology that will sense a VPN PPTP packet and keeps learning about the connection, while it’s doing its scan on millions of IPs, so sometimes the smart firewall will mark your connection and try to guess it. Although it can not read or intercept anything because the connection is secured, but it will build a pattern that it will learn from, and eventually disconnect you.

there is 2 solution for this:

First Solution:

when you get disconnected, don’t keep reconnecting with the same protocol, instead use L2TP, while L2TP is slower than PPTP, but it will serve in such case.


Second Solution:

A simple and easy solution that will keep you connected 24/7:


  • Connect to the VPN connection you want it to be alive 24/7


  • Run The Software, choosing the Connection name, and inputting the user name and password, then click save:


  • You will be prompted that settings successfully saved, press ok, then Minimize the software.



  • The Software is running always in the background.



  • Now sit back  and relax. no more disconnection.

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