Why the China VPN Internet is very Slow

Why the China VPN Internet is very Slow

Why the China VPN Internet is very Slow could be caused from the following:

  1. PC is lack of RAM, becoming slow and have strange behavior, a Simple Restart will solve it.
  2. Some cheap Routers can cause the problem, and they require a restart.
  3. ISP is experiencing a temporarily problem. just wait until they resolve it.


While No 1 & 2 can be solved from you by doing a restart, if everything fails, we need to make sure if the problem is being caused from your ISP or it’s a VPN problem:

Step 1: Disconnect from your VPN.

Step 2: Download Graphical Ping Software.

Step 3: Study the Packet Loss Data. Anything above > %5 is really bad. Around %1-%2 is Acceptable.


Here is the Graphical Ping tutorial:


Graphical Ping is a software that test the connectivity between your PC and another PC on the internet by continuously sending small size packets and wait for its reply. We use it to determine if there was any lost packets, which will measure our internet quality.





After you install the software, RUN AS ADMINISTRATOR otherwise it will not work, just right click on the icon, and chose Run as Administrator.


After running the software, we chose the host

we chose this host because it has a 100% up time, so we can focus on our problem without counting other outside problems.

then Click on Start, and give it about 5 minutes to collect Data.




After Collecting Data, We need to look at the Total Lost, Anything above 5% means your internet to the outside Chine is terrible and slow. even if you used a Super Fast VPN, you still will face slowness.

There is no solution here, except to wait your ISP to fix the problem, and f it continues like this, you might need to call them to check on your DSL or Fiber.


That’s of course assuming you are connected by a wire to your router, to eliminate a wireless problem.



You might also want to look at the Latency Line, which is how long it will take your packet to go and come back.

A typical Latency to the host is about 75ms from our China VPN service.

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